Surfing on a Longboard Surfboard

Surfing on a Longboard Surfboard

Longboard surfing has made a comeback in popularity over the last ten years from its older roots. Longboard surfboards typically refer to surfboards that are greater in length than nine feet although longboards for women are often in the 8’6″ range as well. Riding a longboard can be described as an experience where the surfer is gliding down the wave. With shorter surfboards the surfer is accelerating by working the wave top to bottom to gain speed and keep afloat, where the longboarder is trimming and gliding with the wave. The longboarder embodies grace in the surf where the shortboarder seeks more radical movement.

One of the keys to riding a longboard surfboard correctly is trimming the surfboard to stay in the curl of the wave. Different techniques for trimming a longboard surfboard include walking the board, nose riding, and hanging ten. Walking the board refers to moving forwards or backwards on the board to either accelerate, by moving forwards, or slow the board down, by moving backwards. Nose riding or hanging ten is a method of trimming the longboard surf board where the surfer walks to the front of the longboard and hangs all ten toes over the nose of the surfboard.

Longboarding typically happens in gentler more tapered waves where the surfer can maximize their glide and trimming. When a surfer is paddling out to the lineup and a wave comes a shortboarder would duck dive to get under the white water. With a longboard, that is typically not possible as the surfboard is so large. A longboarder can use a variety of techniques to get through the whitewater, but the most common technique used is to turtle where the surfer flips the longboard upside down with hands about mid way between the nose and the mid section of the board allowing the whitewater to pass over the surfboard while the surfer is underwater.

There are many different styles of longboard surfboards that are available on the market. There are longboard surf boards built to learn to surf and these are typically wide and thick and often times are made of a soft material to not hurt the beginning surfer if they are hit by the longboard surfboard. There are also longboard surfboards built for the intermediate, advanced, and expert surfer. A cruiser longboard is built such that it can be ridden more from the back of the longboard surfboard and is not optimized for walking to the nose of the longboard surfboard. A nose rider is a board that is optimized for trimming and walking forward to hang ten or nose ride. Often times, a nose rider will be concave in the front allowing the surfer to spend more time in the curl of the wave on the nose.

Different Longboard shapers exist making the different shapes mentioned above. Shapers such as Donald Takayama, Skip Frye, and Dick Brewer are among some of the best known although there are many other top shapers out there. To purchase a longboard, visit your local surf shop or read some surfboard reviews online and purchase a used longboard for sale online and save some money.

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How To Learn Skateboarding

How To Learn Skateboarding

How To Learn Skateboarding
For over 15 years I’ve been showing students how to learn skateboarding. Skateboarding and teaching how to skateboard is my passion. When I show beginners how to learn skateboarding I start with the basics. It’s not something you can just jump into and learn in 5 minutes. It takes hours of practice to get the basics down and years to master. When you are starting to read about how to learn skateboarding make sure to visualize yourself on the board. I know it sounds a little off the wall, but if you focus on visualizing as you read these instructions they’ll stick in your mind and it will be easier to remember them.

Skateboarding Basics
1. How to learn skateboarding lesson number 1 is to make friends. Go out to skateboard parks, regular places people skateboard at, hang out with the kids that are skateboarding down the street, etc. You want to make friends with people that are skateboarding. Skateboarding is really fun when you’re doing it with friends instead of by your self all the time. So go out and make new skateboarding buddies. An easy way to do that is to connect on skateboarding forums on the Internet, but you can also meet people at skate parks near your home. Don’t try to be a hot shot, just be cool and learn from your new found friends.

2. How to learn skateboarding lesson number 2 is the gear. The usual skateboard set up is; a deck (the board), trucks (the axles) and wheels. If you go to a skateboard shop you can tell the employee that you need a board to learn on. Depending on how much money you are wiling to spend, this can run you between $75 and $300. Something that most beginners don’t know is that you can actually ask the employee at the shop to give you a demonstration on the board. He or she well be happy to show you how good the board is by doing some tricks. You’ll also need a helmet and pads. You can go to a skate shop and a good quality skateboard helmet for $30.00 same with pads. If you really don’t know if you’re going to stick to skateboarding you can go to Walmart or Target, they have pretty good gear there too.

3. Start small. How to learn skateboarding lesson number 3 is to start small. I always get students that ask me how to learn skateboarding and they they ask me how to kickflip or how to varial. They don’t even know how to ollie yet and they want to learn all of these hard tricks. That’s a sure-fire way to getting disappointed and eventually losing interest in skateboarding. Forget about ramps and jumps and focus on the fundamental tricks: ollies, pop shove-its and 180s. These are basic tricks, but they are not easy to master. It takes a lot of time and patience, but once you’ve got these basic tricks mastered the harder tricks will be easier to learn. For an ollie, stand with your right foot on the back lip of the board and your left foot about three-quarters of the way up. Push down hard with your right foot until the board snaps on the concrete, and as the front of the board comes up, kick your left foot up the sandpaper until it connects with the front lip, thereby pushing the board level in the air.

4. For a pop-shove it, stand in the ollie position (see above). Push down as if you are doing an ollie until the board snaps the concrete. Then, with your left foot, kick in front of you using the grip on the board to spin it clockwise 180 degrees. Land on the board after it has completed the turn.

5. Here’s the last step: Practice! Practice these tricks and watch videos online or on skateboarding reels to continue to improve. Once you’ve learned the pop shove-it and the ollie, you’ll have the basics for learning tougher tricks like kickflips and heelflips.

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4 Tips to Making Your Solar Panels Last

4 Tips to Making Your Solar Panels Last

Solar panels are a fantastic way of generating energy to power electric boilers. They are a clean energy source that is great for the environment. If you install them, you will eventually find yourself making money each year by selling any excess electricity you generate back to the National Grid under the government’s green energy scheme. If you want to prolong your solar panels and make them as efficient as possible, read these four tips from Mansfield solar panel company.

1. Clean Them Up: If you leave in a dusty area, you will have to clean your solar panels. If the sun has a less unobstructed area to deal with, you are not going to generate the energy amounts you’re looking for. In desert areas and near construction sites, you may have to clean them every few weeks. Most people can get away with every other month. They are easy to clean. Aim the hose at them and go nuts!

2. Get Rid of Any Shading: Whenever an installer turns up to review your home, they will check for any areas of shading. Shading may be caused by tall trees and any nearby buildings. If possible, get rid of any shading. Small trees grow into big trees. If foliage has managed to cast a shadow over your solar panels, remove it immediately.

3. Monitor the Green Light: Although solar panels work with your electric heating boiler without you needing to keep track of what is going on, you do need to step in every so often. This does not have to be anything technical. Simply check the green light to make sure it is still on. If it’s flashing or has gone off completely, it means something has gone wrong and you’ll need to act to keep generating energy. Call in a professional. You have to remember that most solar panel systems come with a huge warranty. In some cases, you can expect to benefit from a 25-year warranty. This means you will not have to pay a penny to get a qualified expert to look at them.

4. Track Your Results; If you want to spot problems early, make sure you take down your results each day. Write how much energy you have generated in a list. Add in a small note if it was a particularly overcast day. In the beginning, these results will not mean much, but in the long-term, you’ll be able to compare your results. If you start to notice some of your results are lower than usual, it could indicate one of your solar panels has been damaged. Furthermore, any repairperson that comes over to look at your solar panels will benefit from seeing your results. It will confirm to them that the panels are not running how they should.

Overall, making the most of your solar panel system does not have to take a lot of effort. As long as you have a few minutes to set aside each day, you can stick to this guide. By following these four steps, you will be able to generate green energy for years without any problems!

Weight Loss Hypnosis: An Introduction

Weight Loss Hypnosis: An Introduction

Being overweight in this day and age is one of the major concerns of society around the globe, due to the fact that people are turning more and more conscious about how they look. It is incredibly easy to eat anything you want, but to lose them is not at all simple to do.

Because this has become a global matter now, the weight watching industry has been growing ever since. A lot of businesses have promoted so-called “miracle-working” products that claim to be of great help especially when a person is trying to overcome weight issues. Such weight loss offers seem too good to be true – and they really are – which is why the best thing to do when one encounters them is to avoid them. There are less risky and far better approaches to lose weight fast, and that is through the process of weight loss hypnosis.

This has been developing in terms of its popularity ever since doctors and experts have begun suggesting and using it for their clients and patients. It must go together with your diet and exercise program on a daily basis, because it reinforces good habits and beliefs.

Majority of the people have mistakenly thought that the weight loss hypnosis as a mere stage performance and not at all a serious process, when it has actually been scientifically proven that it is a medical procedure as well. In addition, the average community thinks that hypnosis subjects are only compelled to perform things against their will. These are all concepts that should not have to be accepted as facts. Truth be told, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine are marketing lose weight hypnosis since it helps people in getting rid of their pain, depression, mood swings and all other related behaviors.

This completely safe and effective approach is an excellent addition to one’s diet as it can condition the subconscious mind to control his eating. In addition, it motivates a person to be healthy and eat only those foods that are healthy. Through behavioral modification as well as long-term weight loss hypnosis, people will definitely gain the best of results.

Despite its several advantages, there are a few factors that need to be pointed out: when you are using weight loss hypnosis, you will not shed pounds that easily. It will greatly depend on your mind state as well as your determination to attain the weight that you desire. Also, hypnotherapy, which involves searching for the root cause of your problems, requires more than one session. Thus, showing up for meetings regularly with your therapist can greatly contribute to attaining your goal. When you have the perseverance to have a better lifestyle and the commitment to go to sessions frequently, you will surely succeed at what you are doing and be a healthier and happier individual in the end.

7 Reasons Why You Should Cook Healthy Venezuelan Food

7 Reasons Why You Should Cook Healthy Venezuelan Food

1.- Fresh Ingredients
Venezuelan food is cooked from scratch using fresh, organic ingredients from the farm to the table. Grass-fed
beef, milk, cheese and butter, free range chickens and eggs, and wild caught fish. Free from
preservatives and other harmful chemicals.

2.- Gluten Free and Very Low Gluten Recipes
The flour used for making arepas, empanadas and cachapas is made from corn which is gluten free.
Plantains are widely used in many of its colors and forms in Venezuelan cooking and is also gluten free.
Most of the dishes are served with rice being gluten free.

3.- It’s Fun!
Learning to make arepas empanadas and cachapas is fun as you get to make your own breads and fillings
from scratch. Spending time in the kitchen is relaxing, soothing and makes people bond.

4.- Versatile Influences
Venezuelan food has many old world culinary influences ranging from Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese,
German, African, Indigenous and even Hindu/Caribbean. Making it one of the most versatile types cuisine
in the region.

5.- Flexible and Changeable
You can substitute almost any ingredient making it your own. Add or subtract an ingredient and make it healthier without destroying its traditional roots. You can make almost any dish vegetarian as Venezuelan food is
accessible and interchangeable.

6.- Wide Variety of Dishes
Venezuelan food ranges from a wide variety of soups, salads, snacks, gluten free home-made breads, grass-fed beef, free
range chicken and eggs, wild caught fish and seafood, rices, sauces, fruit juices, desserts, as well as spreads, fillings and dips for arepas and empanadas, and street food, besides its Venezuelan staples.

7.- It’s New and Exotic!
The new migration of Venezuelans arriving in the USA and Europe are bringing with them the ” sabor
latino ” of their culture and deliciousness of their food. And with the growing restaurant and food truck
openings all over the US and even EU, there’s a big desire for making this scrumptious food at home too.

For the first time, I have compiled personal, family and traditional recipes and transformed them into
healthier, easier versions as delicious as the not-so-healthy ones. I’m happy to share my personal funny stories /, historal, geographical and nutritional facts about Venezuelan cuisine, suggestions, tips and alternatives for the Latin friendly foodie.

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Types Of Popular Games Online

Types Of Popular Games Online

This article gives brief information about the popular computer online games.
Action and adventure Games: The games which come in this genre are the ones, which involve fighting games, space adventure games, situational games where the player is required to achieve some objectives, etc. Most of the games in this genre are rich in animation and may also come with a story line.

Arcade Games: Gaming arcades earlier used to be the place in the neighborhood, where gaming machines were installed. To play a game, one must put some coins into the machine. Online arcade games are just another term.

Board Games: These are some of the most popular games. Board games played online are the same, which we play in our real life. They are animated versions of traditional and favorite board games.

Card Games: These need no explanation. Card games are ever popular with the gaming population. There are a lot of games designed with playing cards.

Casino Games: Now again, these are fairly addictive. They simulate the games available in real casinos. When you play with virtual money, there is nothing to lose. So you get a lot of people playing online casino games. You may believe it or not, but a lot of online casino games may even involve real money transactions.

Strategy Games: These are the games, which take considerable time to play and complete. The player has to apply his mind totally to devise strategies to play and win. Some people may not like strategy games, but others like these. These games may take some time to master.

Sports Games: People like to play sports games on the Internet. One does not need much time to understand sports games, if one already understands the real sport. One can have many levels of play. And there may be the option of competing against a second player or the computer itself.

Shooting Games: These are great stress busters. People can play these games and let out their anger on shooting enemies and objects in virtual games. There can be a lot of variety in shooting games. These can also be included in the action and adventure genre of games, but are kept separate due to their popularity.

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Puzzle Games: These games are again very popular for people who do not like too much action or violence. These can actually help you sharpen your mind. Puzzle games are loved by all ages. In fact there is no age group for puzzle games

Software Brings a Turnaround in Businesses’ Productivity

Software Brings a Turnaround in Businesses’ Productivity

As a business grows with time, it finds difficult to properly manage its needs. It has to cater to an increased number of clients. Its workload becomes unmanageable considering its limited number of employees. In these instances, there is a grave need of using such a tool which can ensure a business’s employees use their time productively for doing various tasks. It will help the business to check wastage of its time and ensures that it gets used wisely.
Failing to manage time well can lead to a business’s money getting wasted in non-productive pursuits with no tangible gains. This can affect its productivity and profitability. So it becomes quite important for a business to ensure that its employees make best use of their time. For achieving this objective, there needs to be precise documentation and tracking of time spent by employees in performing their tasks. But this cannot be achieved manually as it can incur a lot of time and effort in documenting them. Manually maintained timesheets are not accurate and and can be manipulated. So a better solution is needed which enables precise tracking and that too in an easy manner.
A web-based time tracking software can be of great help in this regard. This tool is readily accessible from different locations through the net. Time entries associated with various tasks can be easily entered in its timesheets and can be conveniently accessed and seen by various team members associated with a business at their respective locations.

Parts Counter
This tool is of great help for businesses while managing their projects. By referring such sheets, a business can discern how much time its employees are spending in performing their assigned tasks. It can better know if they are utilizing more than required time in performing their tasks or if they are completing them within the defined time limit. In the latter case, it can take effective measures for speedier execution of such tasks by reassigning them to those employees who are more efficient. It can counsel its employees in improving their productivity and share with them tips and suggestions for the same. By using this aid, a business can ensure that its projects get managed within the stipulated time and budget.
Some businesses need to outsource or subcontract their services. By using this aid, a business can accurately assess the total number of hours a subcontractor worked upon on a specific case or project and pay it accordingly.
Time Tracking Software is also helpful for those individuals who are running a home business. By using it, they can correctly assess how much time they are spending in doing their business related tasks and how much in performing their personal tasks. So they can maintain a firm balance their personal and professional needs.
This solution helps a business owner to assess how productive is his business at a given time. By tracking the time precisely, he can identify what is obstructing the achievement of his business’s goals and he can take the corrective actions accordingly for their due achievement.
So using this tool can help a business significantly improve its productivity, profitability as well as achieve its specific objectives and goals.

Break the Habit of Insomnia

Break the Habit of Insomnia

Insomnia affects millions of people every night, but all that really matters in your life is how it impacts you. You need to sleep. The good news is that you have the ability to retrain your mind and your body to get the sleep that you require to be healthy. You can get to sleep by better handling your stress, reprogramming your subconscious mind and developing new, healthful habits. Anything from when and how you put on your PJs to counting sheep can help you sleep.
The Stress of Insomnia
Chronic insomnia is nearly always caused by stress. When you reach a certain level of stress it becomes difficult to sleep, which in turn makes it more difficult to deal with your problems. This is often because your brain is too active at night, worrying, to rest. Soon, you begin to expect sleep to be a problem also and it becomes a vicious cycle – add insomnia to your list of stress inducing problems.
What happens here is that knowing and expecting to have problems sleeping will cause these problems to become much greater. This is because your subconscious mind listens to what your conscious mind tells it and reacts according to that information, true or false, helpful or destructive. Thus, if you continuously tell yourself that you have a problem with sleeping before going to sleep your subconscious mind will automatically start responding to these thought patterns by making it harder to sleep. Effectively you create a feedback loop on the initial problem which makes it much worse. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy – you expect to have trouble sleeping so your brain makes it hard to sleep. Your stress has led to expectations of insomnia, which has lead to true sleeplessness.

This cycle is sometimes known as auto suggestion. This is the idea that your mind makes subconscious suggestions which your mind acts upon.

Sleep in History
Early humans had little choice but to sleep when it got dark and wake up when it got light because they lived by the sun. But as man progressed and learned to create light that we could use into the night we began to lose our natural sleep triggers. Then, if you think about the stresses that we have in modern life, the need to do so much in so little time, along with the opportunities for entertainment that the night affords, it is perhaps not surprising that humans seem to have literally lost our attachment to the sun and even forgotten how to sleep.

Insomnia is not Hopeless
If this sounds hopeless, don’t worry about it – it’s not. Just as you programmed your mind into insomnia you can reprogram yourself out of it. Our caveman ancestors had habits. They hunted and gathered during the day, then went somewhere safe at night. They probably never had insomnia, and soon, you’ll be able to say the same thing.
A large part of curing insomnia is getting your brain around the idea that you need to sleep. Your mind needs to be trained to get you mentally ready for sleep at the same time every night. The only way that you can train your mind is through routine behavior and behavioral triggers. Building habits can be a great way to get to sleep. It’s the little things. For example, if you create a “bedtime ritual” that ritual can, logically, end in sleep.
One such ritual might include getting a bedtime snack while you watch the evening news. Then, taking a warm bath, putting on your pajamas, closing the blinds and going to your bedroom. And, of course, falling asleep. Once you create that habit of sleep your body will recognize the cues and learn to fall asleep when your ritual is followed.

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43 Things you can do with a pocketknife

43 Things you can do with a pocketknife

1 – Can remove labels or stickers from various products or vehicles
2 – Used to strip or cut wires
3 – Trimming out or clipping newspaper articles or coupons
4 – Carving messages, designs or words into a tree
5 – Can be used to trim a bandage to fit a wound
6 – To slice open an envelope
7 – To open packages, boxes, or presents
8 – Make a point by shaving wood into a spear or arrows
9 – Can be used to sharpen writing utensils, like a pencil
10 – Cleaning dirt from underneath fingernails
11 – Whittling various types of wood into figures or tools
12 – Breaking down cardboard boxes for disposal
13 – Cutting a steak or other foods into pieces during a meal
14 – Targeting an object and throwing the knife.
15 – Pass a knife on to a nephew, along with the knowledge of safe handling.
16 – To harvest fruits or flowers for food or decoration
17 – Strike the back of a knife to a flint to start a fire
18 – By playing Mumbelty Peg – (add an H to the beginning of the address or it will be invalid) ttp://
19 – Can carve apples or pears into various figures or designs
20 – Stick the blade of the knife into food for about 45 seconds to test the temperature of food. Place the heated blade on external skin to test how how the food is.
21 – Set a couple of knives in a row a few inches away from each other, then place a pie on them to cool. (For air circulation of the bottom)
22 – To open a non-twist top bottle
23 – The point of a knife can be used to unscrew difficult or partially stripped screws
24 – Protection and personal defense
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25 – To crack open oysters or clams
26 – Shredding tender to help start a camp fire
26 – Can be used to scale or clean fish
27 – The blade can be used by reflecting the sun off of the blade, useful for signaling to other people at a distance
28 – If heated in a high heat flame, it can be used to cauterize a deep cut or other wound.
29 – A hobby, such as collecting knives
30 – Skinning or dressing game animals
31 – Cutting off loose threads on clothing
32 – To make holes in a jar for air for insect like hostages
33 – Can be used or digging holes or unearthing mines
34 – Can be used to jump live electrical wires or relays (D/C voltage only)
35 – The butt of the knife can be used to break windows for escape
36 – Light prying or, without too much pressure, opening lids to canisters
37 – To pull staples out of walls or even skin
38 – De-burring copper tubing or PVC pipes

39 – To carve out old caulking
40 – The blade can be sharpened as a sort of “past time”
41 – You can add holes to a belt
42 – On the rare occasion it can be used to cut out deep splinters.
43 – Cutting rope/twine
This list could go on quite a bit further If I included uses of swords.

Infra-Red, Instant, Or Bluetooth Headphones?

Infra-Red, Instant, Or Bluetooth Headphones?

Infra-red headphones, wireless headphones, and Bluetooth headphones. Each of these types of headphones has a name, but at the bottom type of all of them is just common wirelessness, that is what you basically desire for in a cordless audio system.

Of the three, both wireless and Bluetooth headphones reveal a similar approach to receiving and transmission the audio signals. Infra-red headphones, on another hand, operate on quite another level. All three, technically, are wireless headphones, although using special means for achieving the same purpose.
Instant headphones, in a more restricted sense, are more accurately called radio frequency or RF headphones. So you can hear the sound much like their Bluetooth competitors, these headsets use wireless radio frequencies for sending audio signals from a transmitting device (i.e., a station) to the headsets. Nevertheless, because so many other devices (e.g., cordless telephones, remote-control cars, etc.) also use radio signals for proper operation, RF headphones often contend with such devices for pathways. Ergo, it’s not unusual for signal interference to be familiar with RF headphones.
RF headphones stay common these days because of the broad applicability of radio frequency broadcast technology in several electronic products. However, in the light of Bluetooth technology, RF headphones appear simplistic. Bluetooth has not completely nudged radio volume headphones off-the grid, although. In the end, both types utilize a similar method for their signals (i.e., radio frequency). One striking difference between both is the fact that with Bluetooth headphones, no special transmitter base is needed. All that you need are at least two Bluetooth-capable devices, which you need to bond or set so that the devices can create a system between or included in this. Having made your own area network (PAN), the devices can share various types of data, including audio transmission data.
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Infrared headphones, on-the other hand, make use of light. It uses not any ordinary kind of light, nevertheless the infra-red kind. It’s a type of electromagnetic radiation whose frequency is below that of the red frequency range in the color spectrum (thus, the name infrared). Infra-red headphones work in an identical way to your television’s handheld remote control, except the headset receives light signals from a transmitter and turns them to audio signals in your headset’s speakers. The biggest downside of infra-red headphones is their need to be generally within the line of sight of the transmitter unit, otherwise the connection is broken. On the up side, though, you’ll not want to be worried about signal interference with infrared-powered headphones.
Bluetooth headphones all, wireless headphones, and Infra-red headphones function quite differently from another, but they are quite capable of giving you quality audio in addition to freedom of action.