7 Reasons Why You Should Cook Healthy Venezuelan Food

7 Reasons Why You Should Cook Healthy Venezuelan Food

1.- Fresh Ingredients
Venezuelan food is cooked from scratch using fresh, organic ingredients from the farm to the table. Grass-fed
beef, milk, cheese and butter, free range chickens and eggs, and wild caught fish. Free from
preservatives and other harmful chemicals.

2.- Gluten Free and Very Low Gluten Recipes
The flour used for making arepas, empanadas and cachapas is made from corn which is gluten free.
Plantains are widely used in many of its colors and forms in Venezuelan cooking and is also gluten free.
Most of the dishes are served with rice being gluten free.

3.- It’s Fun!
Learning to make arepas empanadas and cachapas is fun as you get to make your own breads and fillings
from scratch. Spending time in the kitchen is relaxing, soothing and makes people bond.

4.- Versatile Influences
Venezuelan food has many old world culinary influences ranging from Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese,
German, African, Indigenous and even Hindu/Caribbean. Making it one of the most versatile types cuisine
in the region.

5.- Flexible and Changeable
You can substitute almost any ingredient making it your own. Add or subtract an ingredient and make it healthier without destroying its traditional roots. You can make almost any dish vegetarian as Venezuelan food is
accessible and interchangeable.

6.- Wide Variety of Dishes
Venezuelan food ranges from a wide variety of soups, salads, snacks, gluten free home-made breads, grass-fed beef, free
range chicken and eggs, wild caught fish and seafood, rices, sauces, fruit juices, desserts, as well as spreads, fillings and dips for arepas and empanadas, and street food, besides its Venezuelan staples.

7.- It’s New and Exotic!
The new migration of Venezuelans arriving in the USA and Europe are bringing with them the ” sabor
latino ” of their culture and deliciousness of their food. And with the growing restaurant and food truck
openings all over the US and even EU, there’s a big desire for making this scrumptious food at home too.

For the first time, I have compiled personal, family and traditional recipes and transformed them into
healthier, easier versions as delicious as the not-so-healthy ones. I’m happy to share my personal funny stories /http://www.justinbillingsleyarizona.com/, historal, geographical and nutritional facts about Venezuelan cuisine, suggestions, tips and alternatives for the Latin friendly foodie.

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