How To Learn Skateboarding

How To Learn Skateboarding

How To Learn Skateboarding
For over 15 years I’ve been showing students how to learn skateboarding. Skateboarding and teaching how to skateboard is my passion. When I show beginners how to learn skateboarding I start with the basics. It’s not something you can just jump into and learn in 5 minutes. It takes hours of practice to get the basics down and years to master. When you are starting to read about how to learn skateboarding make sure to visualize yourself on the board. I know it sounds a little off the wall, but if you focus on visualizing as you read these instructions they’ll stick in your mind and it will be easier to remember them.

Skateboarding Basics
1. How to learn skateboarding lesson number 1 is to make friends. Go out to skateboard parks, regular places people skateboard at, hang out with the kids that are skateboarding down the street, etc. You want to make friends with people that are skateboarding. Skateboarding is really fun when you’re doing it with friends instead of by your self all the time. So go out and make new skateboarding buddies. An easy way to do that is to connect on skateboarding forums on the Internet, but you can also meet people at skate parks near your home. Don’t try to be a hot shot, just be cool and learn from your new found friends.

2. How to learn skateboarding lesson number 2 is the gear. The usual skateboard set up is; a deck (the board), trucks (the axles) and wheels. If you go to a skateboard shop you can tell the employee that you need a board to learn on. Depending on how much money you are wiling to spend, this can run you between $75 and $300. Something that most beginners don’t know is that you can actually ask the employee at the shop to give you a demonstration on the board. He or she well be happy to show you how good the board is by doing some tricks. You’ll also need a helmet and pads. You can go to a skate shop and a good quality skateboard helmet for $30.00 same with pads. If you really don’t know if you’re going to stick to skateboarding you can go to Walmart or Target, they have pretty good gear there too.

3. Start small. How to learn skateboarding lesson number 3 is to start small. I always get students that ask me how to learn skateboarding and they they ask me how to kickflip or how to varial. They don’t even know how to ollie yet and they want to learn all of these hard tricks. That’s a sure-fire way to getting disappointed and eventually losing interest in skateboarding. Forget about ramps and jumps and focus on the fundamental tricks: ollies, pop shove-its and 180s. These are basic tricks, but they are not easy to master. It takes a lot of time and patience, but once you’ve got these basic tricks mastered the harder tricks will be easier to learn. For an ollie, stand with your right foot on the back lip of the board and your left foot about three-quarters of the way up. Push down hard with your right foot until the board snaps on the concrete, and as the front of the board comes up, kick your left foot up the sandpaper until it connects with the front lip, thereby pushing the board level in the air.

4. For a pop-shove it, stand in the ollie position (see above). Push down as if you are doing an ollie until the board snaps the concrete. Then, with your left foot, kick in front of you using the grip on the board to spin it clockwise 180 degrees. Land on the board after it has completed the turn.

5. Here’s the last step: Practice! Practice these tricks and watch videos online or on skateboarding reels to continue to improve. Once you’ve learned the pop shove-it and the ollie, you’ll have the basics for learning tougher tricks like kickflips and heelflips.

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