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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Patients involved in EMDR therapy focus on their past, present and future by addressing disturbing memories that occurred in the past, are currently occurring and “future” memories that patients think will eventually happen to them. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy is comprised of eight stages:

Stage 1: The patient’s therapist will assess the nature and extent of trauma affecting the patient and develop the most effective treatment plan that emphasizes refinement of coping behaviors and skills. Patients suffering from multiple traumatic events in their life may need to remain in therapy for a longer time than those disturbed by one or two memories
Stage 2: In this stage, the patient learns there are different methods to use between sessions when coping with severe emotional distress. The fundamental goal of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy is for patients to experience a sense of managed equilibrium by using bilateral stimulation (eye movements) and stress reduction techniques.
Bilateral stimulation involves the therapist targeting a specific memory and instructing the patient to think about the event. As the patient is concentrating on the worst aspects of the traumatic memory, the therapist moves his or her hand back and forth in from the patient’s eyes, wiggling and moving the fingers in order to keep the eyes busy.

The theory behind the ability of this unorthodox action to eliminate PTSD symptoms concerns rapid eye movement and the biological mechanisms responsible for REM sleep. As we process and store memories during the “dreaming” stage of sleep, our eyes move rapidly back and forth even though they are closed underneath our eyelids.

Researchers specializing in the psychology of sleeping and dreaming posit the idea that having patients perform this rapid-eye movement procedure while awake and thinking about a traumatic memory may allow patients to safely absorb and store these memories in the manner the brain processes and “packs” away memories in the hippocampus and pre-frontal cortex.

Stages 3 through 6—Continuation of the EMDR process is further expanded by having patients think about a particularly vivid image associated with the bad memory, identifying one negative belief concerning the memory and the self and fully experiencing emotions and any physical sensations evoked by the memory. Patients are then instructed to rate the severity of negative emotions as well state a positive belief they hold about themselves.
After engaging in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, patients are asked to empty their mind and describe how they are feeling. If the patient is not overstressed and feels strong enough, the therapist may move on to the next disturbing memory. Prior to each EMDR session, the therapist will ask a patient to rate his or her distress level to determine whether the intensity of PTSD symptoms are diminishing.

Phase 7 and 8—Therapists will ask that patients keep a diary when attending EMDR sessions. In addition to benefiting patients, these self-reports also provide therapists with special insights into the ability of patients to use self-calming techniques learned during EMDR therapy.

Acceptance of EMDR therapy has steadily increased over the past decade due to documented efficacy of the therapy as well as professional organizations like the Department of Defense, The Department of Veterans Affairs and the American Psychiatric Association issuing guidelines concerning the use of EMDR. Guidelines published by the VA highly recommend eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy for treating PTSD symptoms in both non-military and military populations.

Why Do Some People Become Addicted to Drugs, Alcohol or Behaviors and Others Don’t?

Why Do Some People Become Addicted to Drugs, Alcohol or Behaviors and Others Don’t?

The answer is—we simply do not know for sure. We do know that people prone to addiction exhibit similar characteristics regarding the ability to cope productively with stress, manage relationships, control the urge to act on impulse and make decisions that do not entail negative consequences.

Genetic and environmental factors also play a highly significant role in the development of an addiction as well, although addiction researchers are still undecided about how much of a role genetics have in certain addictions. Many addicts are survivors of childhood sexual and physical abuse or grew up in households devoid of love and nurturing adults.

Many have parents, siblings, aunts and uncles who are alcoholics or drug addicts and know no other kind of life except one that involved the constant searching for and use of addictive substances like roxycodone addiction.

Addiction is a curable disease that does not condemn a person to a life of feeling miserable, hopeless and unfulfilled. Serenity Malibu Rehab provides the kind of compassionate and understanding assistance necessary to help anyone who is suffering from an addiction defeat their personal demons and live a sober, peaceful and rewarding life–the kind of life everyone deserves.

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SEO versus Website Design

SEO versus Website Design

Imagine a beauty contest final where it’s all come down to the two most stunning-looking contestants vying for the coveted title. Both are drop-dead gorgeous, but one has the glossier hair, the curvier figure and the more luscious lips of the two.

Then the judges ask those all-important questions to give us insight into the personality and mind behind the façade. The first, prettier girl mumbles, mutters and cannot string a sentence together, let alone answer the question. The second girl answers clearly, concisely and with a sultry voice yet in an intelligent manner. For all her extra assets Girl number 1 is relegated to First Princess and never heard of again, while Girl number 2 goes on to win the competition and become a spokesperson for the UN.

Now let’s compare that scenario to your website. Of course looks matter – but words are what will get your site discovered by Google and words are what will convert your visitors into buyers. Looking at an attractive site will only hold the potential client’s interest for the first few minutes, but if s/he starts reading and finds nothing of value, and is not persuaded by the words to make the call or click on the ‘contact us’ or ‘buy’ button, your time and money spent on paying the best website designer is flushed away.

Worse still, without those vital key words and phrases incorporated into the content your site will never be found by Google and the other search engines, and will end up being a beauty queen locked in a tower away from the world.

Now if you work with a web designer and an SEO (search engine optimization) expert who are battling to convince you that their skill is the more important of the two for making your online company a success, you might feel caught in the middle and be unsure of where to spend your money.

Web design focuses on aesthetics while SEO focuses on the quality and quantity of the text. Some web designers find text creates a clutter and prefer a clean look with minimal text with eye-catching images. Conversely, SEO agencies may find images a waste of space that could be better used for optimisation strategies.

Brains and beauty are both required here. As in the beauty competition scenario, one without the other won’t cut it in the highly competitive online arena.

What to do? It makes sense to work with one company that has both web design expertise as well as SEO know-how, so that you can be sure of an holistic approach to your online marketing needs.

Be sure to choose a company that has a proven track record showing their ability to design to W3C standards, and who demonstrate a clear understanding of the current online trends and environment.

Employ both brains and beauty and your website will start giving an excellent return on investment in good time.

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All About Budgeting And Planning For Your Home Improvement

All About Budgeting And Planning For Your Home Improvement

This article seeks to give you a solid knowledge base regarding home improvement at hand, no matter what your previous experience on the topic.

Inevitably, cost management and household development does not constantly proceed jointly but our advice will let you save finances on home renovation and remodeling upgrades.

Home Remodeling and Improvement assignments on a frequent basis scare, homeowners who are unaware of DIY renovation are affected because

Contrary to popular belief, house improvement don’t even have to be high priced at all. Naturally, if you hire a subcontractor or contractor to do the trick, you may spend a lot of money. If you locate the right contractor with proper estimates (inexpensive than the competition), with solid references, who’s going to be qualified, insured, and certified then you can save a large n amount of money.

Ahead of beginning the treatment of increasing the house, you will need to method of resources and a schedule to start. A person must consider what type of job your property is going to undergo, what are the major renovations which increase roi? which parts of the home are most typically renovated (eg. kitchen, bathroom)? It’s important to ask yourself these questions and find an idea and a plan put together for just a blueprint of how you want things renovated in addition to laid out and which home improvement contractors best fit any type of job you’re looking for.

Budgeting is extremely important while preparing for a home renovation or improvement, especially for anyone who is looking at a bigger renovation job toward spring/summer time period.

Asking yourself questions when it comes to home improvement is exceedingly vital to your plan’s success and your having a budget forecast. Among the best methods to have while thinking about home repair and remodeling is keeping tabs on that which you prefer. It could be great to browse home improvement warehouses such as Home Depot, Ronas, Lowe’s or maybe Home Hardware, ask the experts after you have an idea of what your home needs are and listen to if they have the right pieces, modules, places to assist you to with your blueprint of how you want the house. Should you be in short supply of funds to reinforce your home value through proper home renovations, then creating a monetary program can help you get things to put away cash for a home renovation (just remember, in advance). You may even think of buying gear and tools for home improvement for the companies that suggest reduce costs and also purchases with no repayments until eventually a certain day. This notion offer you the perfect time to get your house repaired and improved while saving the funds and money for future home improvements; this is particularly beneficial if you plan on reselling your property.

Regrettably, lots of people choose an additional home finance loan to enhance their particular home. Acquiring loans from banking companies repeatedly guide to financial debt, and loans for development simply leads to paying off your home time and again because of compounded interest, so you’re essentially paying for the expense of two homes by the time your mortgage plan is complete because interest rates are so high on unsecure lending products from creditors.

Honda Parts for Reliable Performance

Honda Parts for Reliable Performance

Honda is the world’s largest manufacturer of engines, and it has the reputation for providing superior quality, performance, and reliability. Manufactured with strict quality control by the company’s engineers, Honda parts precisely fit specific types of motorcycles. They are designed to meet or exceed the demands of customers as they are designed, developed, and tested by highly qualified and exceptionally skilled technicians using advanced engine technology and premium quality materials.
The overall quality of Honda motorcycles, for instance, reflects the kind of parts of which they are built. All Honda motorcycle parts are carefully designed and rigorously tested not only for its individual capacities but also for its interaction with the other components of an entire bike. This standard procedure guarantees that each Honda part functions at its optimum performance level while providing the durability and reliability that is expected from Honda.
Pioneer Speakers for Cars
There are many Honda motorcycle parts that supply the needs of different bikes. Whether a biker is using his ride for touring, standard cruising, sport, motocross, or off-roading, there are specific Honda parts that fit his needs. Many custom-looking Honda motorcycle parts are available for dressing up one’s bike. For bikes that are used very often in traveling long distances, parts like brakes and clutches need the most concentration. Many Honda parts enhance engine and strengthen the vehicle. They make it possible for many bikers to conquer as much as possible of the two million miles of paved roads in the United States. They turn regular transportation into an experience of freedom, of comfort, and of empowerment. For the more sports minded bikers, Honda motorcycle parts are perfect partners on the race tracks towards unsurpassed victories. Outdoor enthusiasts who are, at the same time, seekers of extreme thrill on the motocross terrains have relied on these components. Whatever environment Honda motorcycles are running on—sand, gravel, rocks, mud, and concrete—Honda parts back them up to the last leap bikers attain to reach.

Betting Sports Futures Odds In Your Favor

Betting Sports Futures Odds In Your Favor

The world of betting sports futures odds looks nothing like it did a decade ago, in fact it barely resembles how it looked a year ago. Today’s ever advancing and changing technology has lent the experts the flexibility and critical data to run thousands of statistical analysis at one time for every sporting event on the globe. You have no direct access to any of this data and can take a big step forward by admitting it now.
This being said, the only opportunity a bettor who wants to become a player has is by identifying a proven and quality betting service. This does not apply to you if you want to continue betting with your pride and amateur hunches on whether or not the Green Bay Packers will cover the spread because it is below zero in Lambeau field.

Sports betting casinos are known to have two type of years, good and great years. You can and should be experiencing the same. Please do not take offense, but when it comes to prognostication and positive money generating you are clueless. If this hurt your feelings you can choose to stop reading now. The bottom line is you are reading this to get an edge and make some money.
The best way to look at it is this : If you are not an insider within the industry than you are only part of the component that feeds it. Odds makers are all too aware of tendencies and patterns for general public bettors, they prey on these expectations like a spider waiting on his web to provide him with his next meal. They have the resources and data to bait the spreads in a fashion whereby they can attract 80% of the action at times.
These trap bets have been in existence for many more years than you have been. In case this is sadly not part of your betting vocabulary it is exactly what it sounds like, a trap .The odds makers will put out a line or spread that looks so advantageous to one side that it appears to be easy money. For example this year’s Collegiate National Championship Football game between Ohio State in this game again for the second year in a row and LSU. The Vegas odds makers set the line or spread with Ohio State receiving over 10 points which looked very attractive to the majority of the country. Alas they lost by approximately 30 points.
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Contrarian players have an advantage over the run of the mill John Q Public bettors because they know going against the poplular money over time will keep them on the positive end of the money scope. Typically this is referred to as the smart money for obvious reasons. An individual betting the contrary of the majority knows that he most often will be riding with the Vegas side and that yardstick is a good one to be measured by.
It is important to keep in mind that you have a career that most likely is not in the sports gambling industry and you should not leave that career to support your family on your winnings from the last 5 seasons because they would soon be dead from starvation. The individuals and companies running the sophisticated betting strategies do it for their livelihood and it is their career.
Betting sports futures odds can be more than your most expensive hobby. It stands to reason that you will never throw a football like Tom Brady or maybe not even get to a Super Bowl in your lifetime. But you can bet with the pros and align yourself with a proven betting service and reap the same benefit for pennies on the dollar.

Facts About Sports Betting

Facts About Sports Betting

Although sports betting may be taboo in most of the places, we definitely cannot ignore the fact that sports betting is everywhere. Sport betting was prevalent right from the ancient ages; the Greeks and the Romans loved to pass their time betting on gladiators and sports like wrestling, marathons, etc. The main reason for betting is that it entices a person to wage and the most important thing is that one contestant certainly wins. That’s the most important thing that betting thrives on, especially for people who love to compete and want to make some money out of it. However, betting has turned in much more that what it was before.
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Bettors are devoting more and more of their time and energy into researching the game of their choice and placing the bets in order to put the odds in their favor. Besides, the betting business is no less than any other money making industry, making billions of dollars to be more precise. The best thing about betting is that you’ll find it everywhere you go, right from the local bookies in the streets of Brooklyn to the World Wide Web through online betting which has an extraordinary huge following. Therefore, sport betting is nothing more than hitting a jackpot. However, people are generally of the view that if your customers win more, you lose more. This is nothing but an old myth.
Although the federal authorities have tried everything that they could to restrain and put a stop to sports betting, one of the impressive facts is that sports betting forms almost 20 percent of the total income that overall gambling generates. This 20% actually forms billions of dollars, which is definitely not a small amount for an annual income. Some of the popular sports bets would include teaser bets, future bets, straight bets, etc. A straight bet simply means that you are placing a bet on a specific team predicting that team to win. A parlay bet would mean that the bettor is betting on different matches predicting the outcome of each match. However, in this bet, the bettor wins only if he wins according to the order of the bet that he had placed in the first place. A teaser is something that bettors do when they place their earlier winnings on some other bet. The bottom line is that running a sport bet is nothing but running into a goldmine provided lady luck is by your side.

Surfing on a Longboard Surfboard

Surfing on a Longboard Surfboard

Longboard surfing has made a comeback in popularity over the last ten years from its older roots. Longboard surfboards typically refer to surfboards that are greater in length than nine feet although longboards for women are often in the 8’6″ range as well. Riding a longboard can be described as an experience where the surfer is gliding down the wave. With shorter surfboards the surfer is accelerating by working the wave top to bottom to gain speed and keep afloat, where the longboarder is trimming and gliding with the wave. The longboarder embodies grace in the surf where the shortboarder seeks more radical movement.

One of the keys to riding a longboard surfboard correctly is trimming the surfboard to stay in the curl of the wave. Different techniques for trimming a longboard surfboard include walking the board, nose riding, and hanging ten. Walking the board refers to moving forwards or backwards on the board to either accelerate, by moving forwards, or slow the board down, by moving backwards. Nose riding or hanging ten is a method of trimming the longboard surf board where the surfer walks to the front of the longboard and hangs all ten toes over the nose of the surfboard.

Longboarding typically happens in gentler more tapered waves where the surfer can maximize their glide and trimming. When a surfer is paddling out to the lineup and a wave comes a shortboarder would duck dive to get under the white water. With a longboard, that is typically not possible as the surfboard is so large. A longboarder can use a variety of techniques to get through the whitewater, but the most common technique used is to turtle where the surfer flips the longboard upside down with hands about mid way between the nose and the mid section of the board allowing the whitewater to pass over the surfboard while the surfer is underwater.

There are many different styles of longboard surfboards that are available on the market. There are longboard surf boards built to learn to surf and these are typically wide and thick and often times are made of a soft material to not hurt the beginning surfer if they are hit by the longboard surfboard. There are also longboard surfboards built for the intermediate, advanced, and expert surfer. A cruiser longboard is built such that it can be ridden more from the back of the longboard surfboard and is not optimized for walking to the nose of the longboard surfboard. A nose rider is a board that is optimized for trimming and walking forward to hang ten or nose ride. Often times, a nose rider will be concave in the front allowing the surfer to spend more time in the curl of the wave on the nose.

Different Longboard shapers exist making the different shapes mentioned above. Shapers such as Donald Takayama, Skip Frye, and Dick Brewer are among some of the best known although there are many other top shapers out there. To purchase a longboard, visit your local surf shop or read some surfboard reviews online and purchase a used longboard for sale online and save some money.

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How To Learn Skateboarding

How To Learn Skateboarding

How To Learn Skateboarding
For over 15 years I’ve been showing students how to learn skateboarding. Skateboarding and teaching how to skateboard is my passion. When I show beginners how to learn skateboarding I start with the basics. It’s not something you can just jump into and learn in 5 minutes. It takes hours of practice to get the basics down and years to master. When you are starting to read about how to learn skateboarding make sure to visualize yourself on the board. I know it sounds a little off the wall, but if you focus on visualizing as you read these instructions they’ll stick in your mind and it will be easier to remember them.

Skateboarding Basics
1. How to learn skateboarding lesson number 1 is to make friends. Go out to skateboard parks, regular places people skateboard at, hang out with the kids that are skateboarding down the street, etc. You want to make friends with people that are skateboarding. Skateboarding is really fun when you’re doing it with friends instead of by your self all the time. So go out and make new skateboarding buddies. An easy way to do that is to connect on skateboarding forums on the Internet, but you can also meet people at skate parks near your home. Don’t try to be a hot shot, just be cool and learn from your new found friends.

2. How to learn skateboarding lesson number 2 is the gear. The usual skateboard set up is; a deck (the board), trucks (the axles) and wheels. If you go to a skateboard shop you can tell the employee that you need a board to learn on. Depending on how much money you are wiling to spend, this can run you between $75 and $300. Something that most beginners don’t know is that you can actually ask the employee at the shop to give you a demonstration on the board. He or she well be happy to show you how good the board is by doing some tricks. You’ll also need a helmet and pads. You can go to a skate shop and a good quality skateboard helmet for $30.00 same with pads. If you really don’t know if you’re going to stick to skateboarding you can go to Walmart or Target, they have pretty good gear there too.

3. Start small. How to learn skateboarding lesson number 3 is to start small. I always get students that ask me how to learn skateboarding and they they ask me how to kickflip or how to varial. They don’t even know how to ollie yet and they want to learn all of these hard tricks. That’s a sure-fire way to getting disappointed and eventually losing interest in skateboarding. Forget about ramps and jumps and focus on the fundamental tricks: ollies, pop shove-its and 180s. These are basic tricks, but they are not easy to master. It takes a lot of time and patience, but once you’ve got these basic tricks mastered the harder tricks will be easier to learn. For an ollie, stand with your right foot on the back lip of the board and your left foot about three-quarters of the way up. Push down hard with your right foot until the board snaps on the concrete, and as the front of the board comes up, kick your left foot up the sandpaper until it connects with the front lip, thereby pushing the board level in the air.

4. For a pop-shove it, stand in the ollie position (see above). Push down as if you are doing an ollie until the board snaps the concrete. Then, with your left foot, kick in front of you using the grip on the board to spin it clockwise 180 degrees. Land on the board after it has completed the turn.

5. Here’s the last step: Practice! Practice these tricks and watch videos online or on skateboarding reels to continue to improve. Once you’ve learned the pop shove-it and the ollie, you’ll have the basics for learning tougher tricks like kickflips and heelflips.

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4 Tips to Making Your Solar Panels Last

4 Tips to Making Your Solar Panels Last

Solar panels are a fantastic way of generating energy to power electric boilers. They are a clean energy source that is great for the environment. If you install them, you will eventually find yourself making money each year by selling any excess electricity you generate back to the National Grid under the government’s green energy scheme. If you want to prolong your solar panels and make them as efficient as possible, read these four tips from Mansfield solar panel company.

1. Clean Them Up: If you leave in a dusty area, you will have to clean your solar panels. If the sun has a less unobstructed area to deal with, you are not going to generate the energy amounts you’re looking for. In desert areas and near construction sites, you may have to clean them every few weeks. Most people can get away with every other month. They are easy to clean. Aim the hose at them and go nuts!

2. Get Rid of Any Shading: Whenever an installer turns up to review your home, they will check for any areas of shading. Shading may be caused by tall trees and any nearby buildings. If possible, get rid of any shading. Small trees grow into big trees. If foliage has managed to cast a shadow over your solar panels, remove it immediately.

3. Monitor the Green Light: Although solar panels work with your electric heating boiler without you needing to keep track of what is going on, you do need to step in every so often. This does not have to be anything technical. Simply check the green light to make sure it is still on. If it’s flashing or has gone off completely, it means something has gone wrong and you’ll need to act to keep generating energy. Call in a professional. You have to remember that most solar panel systems come with a huge warranty. In some cases, you can expect to benefit from a 25-year warranty. This means you will not have to pay a penny to get a qualified expert to look at them.

4. Track Your Results; If you want to spot problems early, make sure you take down your results each day. Write how much energy you have generated in a list. Add in a small note if it was a particularly overcast day. In the beginning, these results will not mean much, but in the long-term, you’ll be able to compare your results. If you start to notice some of your results are lower than usual, it could indicate one of your solar panels has been damaged. Furthermore, any repairperson that comes over to look at your solar panels will benefit from seeing your results. It will confirm to them that the panels are not running how they should.

Overall, making the most of your solar panel system does not have to take a lot of effort. As long as you have a few minutes to set aside each day, you can stick to this guide. By following these four steps, you will be able to generate green energy for years without any problems!